Jayne Menard is a seasoned traveler, blogger, writer and photographer based in the Pacific Northwest.  Her photography concentrates on villages and landscapes in Europe and other scenic locations.  She chose the catch-phrase, “Places that Speak” to describe the corners of our world that evoke thoughts and emotions, calling to the viewer for appreciation, joy, inspiration and contemplation.  A place that speaks may do so with a yell, a sigh or a whisper.

Jayne has traveled across five continents into 23 countries, as well as visited 42 of the 50 states in the USA.  During her travels, she found that certain places infiltrated her senses and demanded attention, some with a majestic summons and others with a gentle murmer.  With her broad travel background, she is now honing in on the smaller villages and quaint areas of Europe, although she will still venture into more remote locales. 

Landscapes and viewpoints call to her to stop and absorb their natural expanses.  Roaming country lanes is a favorite pastime and she has an affinity for historic villages and country houses.  

Jayne Menard’s corporate career spanned general management, project management and technology. In each of those roles, she honed her skills in business proposals, specifications, and documentation, giving her a strong writing discipline and love of the written word. 

She likes to cook and to garden, as well as sip Oregon Pinots and French Burgundies. Recently she has taken up gentle yoga as a way to tease her muscles into some degree of flexibility. She resides on the stunningly beautiful and rugged Oregon coast and has a devilishly playful Pembroke Welsh Corgi to lure her out for walks.  She is also writing fiction -- see jaynemenard.com.