Ever drive into a valley, wake to a windy sunrise, or trek along a path where the sheer experience makes you far more alive?  That is what Places That Speak is all about -- that extra-sensory experience that a special place brings.

A place may evoke awe, delight, pleasure or even sadness.  Some places seem light and filled with joy; some dark and eerie; others surprise, delight or even cry out.  Places speak, you have only to listen.

For example take the Galapagos, a slice of which is pictured above in a thin isthmus backed by other equally arid islands in the archipelago.  These volcanically-formed  islands speak of rugged times, of slow change, of barrenness and yet it also tells the story of how life survives, evolves and even flourishes in seemingly inhospitable climates and geography.

Places that Speak is dedicated to explorations by camera, through experiences and from the senses, of corners of our world that may be remote or may be well-traveled, but that have a story to tell.  Some of these places are natural sites, others cross over into partnership with people, and a few are products of our culture and hum with their own vitality.

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